Immerge yourself in a quality massage
The combination of air and water produces pleasure and wellness for body and mind. In particular the whirlpool improves blood circulation and invigorates tissues and muscles because blood circulation is continuously stimulated by water and air movement.


With an Thermo Design whirlpool bathtub is like you have the hands of an expert massage therapist taking care of every part of your body by eliminating tensions and relaxing it in the right way to face the day.


Nature and technology: smart wellness

Thermo Design offers a choice of three whirlpool systems: Whirlpool, Air-jet, and Turbojet, which combine the forces of air and water in different ways to give a wellness massage.


Each system guarantees the most efficient hydrotherapeutic action and the possibility of personalizing the treatment.


To enjoy all the advantages of the Thermo Design whirlpool, you need to regulate water temperature at 37°C, have a combined massage of air and water for 15/20 minutes, preferably after training or before going to bed for the night.


Rectangular bathtubs
This traditional rectangular shaped bathtub is the easiest to install, a variety of rectangular bathtubs which have Thermo Design style in it. This kind of bathtubs are ergonomic and can be adapted to a lot of environments because they are models that can be best adapted to your spaces. The internal spaces are designed to be comfortable and to exalt the positive effects of whirlpool.

Angular baths
If you are demanding persons and for your wellness the usual shapes are not enough are not Thermo Design offers you a large range of angular bathtubs. Relax and functionalities together in angular geometries for your wellness. This space has to be enriched thanks to accessories and elegant fittings.


he number of whirlpool nozzles varies from 5 to 12 and they are the fissures from which whirlpool jets come out.

This structure allows you both to orientate the jet up to 30° and to adjust its intensity in order to customize at maximum level the treatment required for this bathtub. Furthermore, Thermo Design guarantees a perfect hygiene of these the nozzles because they can be completely removed and are self-draining. They are made of ABS, which is a non- deformable non-toxic material.

The attention reserved to ergonomics is also visible in air jet nozzles which are distributed at the bottom of the tub and they have a special rounded external structure so that they cannot be perceived by the body that lies on them.


Control Units
Managing all the functions of the Thermo Design is easy and this is a key point for the company. Managing every function of these whirlpool bathtubs is very easy just thanks to a digital and sophisticated control panel which is practical and easily understood.

Clear icons make it possible to set the desired function just with a light pressure. For those who prefer digital controls, Thermo Design has designed single control units on the tub.

This double use is another proof that Thermo Design pays special attention to your needs.


In every Thermo Design bathtub you can find an electronic panel and practical electronic controls which are very easy to manage.

The intensity of the air and water flow generated by the nozzles can be adjusted so that the customer can have his own massage and the flow can arrive up to 30°. Furthermore Thermo Design pays a special attention to hygiene by using an automatic disinfecting system.


The shells of the Thermo Design hydromassage baths are designed in accordance with ergonomic criteria and are made of methacrylate, a material which is non-toxic, recyclable, extremely compact and resistant to scrapes and scratches.


Thermo Design whirlpool bathtub support structure is non- deformable, self-supporting and is made of painted steel. This structure guarantees solidity and resistance to every endurance. Furthermore the weight is distributed in several points of the structure thanks to the rubber feet which can be -adjusted in height to ease installation.


Thermo Design pumps are very safe and robust and are made of shock-proof, heat-resistant materials. They ensure maximum silence, high efficiency and low energy consumption.