Multifunction shower boxes
These kind of Thermo Design products have been designed to have the pleasure of a dip in the bathtub together with the practicality of shower boxes. So you’ll have two products in one and in spite of the angular forms you’ll maintain unchanged the attention to design and to comfortable structure.


Multifunction shower boxes
The three essential conditions of Thermo Design shower boxes are detail design, ergonomy and ease of installation. These multifunction showers are designed to be comfortable and to improve whirlpool benefits.


The intelligent positioning of the nozzles in the shower box allows you to direct water jets towards specific and sensitive parts of your body on which you can make effective and regenerating massages. The different types of massages are for cervical and dorsal area and they can take place in the bathtub both vertical and waterfall. In particular, cervical and dorsal massages are recommended for those people who accumulate nervous and muscle tension on the neck and in the back. The vertical massage caresses your body giving it energy and strength. The waterfall shower instead reminds you the water flow in nature and it gives a sense of profound harmony to your body.
So thanks to multifunction shower box you can enjoy different kinds of massage and water which will allow you to regain a better psycho-physical balance.

This massage is especially recommended for those who suffer from cervical pains and for those who have accumulated a lot of fatigue.

This massage takes place when the pressure of the water on your skin activates and stimulates the nervous and circulatory systems. Thanks to this assage all the energy is redistributed in every part of your body.

This massage is given on the dorsal area, stimulating your relax and reducing all your back pains.

This is an enveloping massage which reproduces the cycles of nature. This kind of massage is recommended to restore your physical and mental balance which is under the severe strain of everyday stress.

Hygiene and disinfection
For a perfect cleaning of the system of the bath circuit, Thermo Design has provided an automatic disinfection system.

The Thermo Design multifunction shower boxes, in addition to whirlpool function, offer other pleasant and beneficial treatments such as Turkish bath, Scottish shower and tropical shower. In fact the energy flow generated by the water intensifies the stimulating effect that these treatments leave on your body and your mind.

This is an ancient practice which involves warm steam at a temperature of about 35-45° C.
In Thermo Design shower boxes you can recreate the heat and moisture you can find in saunas. In fact this structure is able to maintain a constant temperature in every area of the cabin. Turkish bath helps eliminate toxins thanks to sweat and improves blood and flow. Furthermore thanks to Turkish bath you can eliminate impurities from your skin and make it bright and shiny.

This is a treatment which alternates hot and cold water jets to stimulate blood vessels of your body. In fact warm water causes vasodilatation and cold water causes a contraction that improves blood circulation as well as skin tone, elasticity and beauty of a stimulated skin. Having a Scottish shower after preparing the body in a Turkish bath means enjoying of maximum benefits of both treatments you can have in Thermo Design shower boxes.

Especially during summer season tropical shower with vaporizer is very good even several times in a day. All you need is to enter a Thermo Design shower box and wait until your body is covered with a regenerating cloud of water.

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